Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today and my planking exercised thighs

Today is day 5 of my Planking challenge, well "yippee skipee" for me your thinking right?  I fell victim to a well meaning child who thought I should try to be healthy and happy and start a grueling workout challenge right at the start of feasting holiday season.
You Know the time of year when all well meaning family and friends break out the most delicious most fattening recipes they have and try to pass them off as something healthy.  We have all seen the magazines that offer 42 new cookie recipes that are good for you. Yes they are probably all good and I try to sample a lot, they are not good for my thighs.  So I figured what could it hurt to accept the Planking thing and act like a board for a little bit each day.  I am up to 40 sec today and still being stiff from yesterday's routine I thought piece of cake (or cookies). In fact so sure of myself I put a little plate of cookies in front of me as I lowered into plank position for a less than a minute plank. http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-the-Plank-Exercise.  Using my phone stop watch I put a smug expression on my face and settled in, I was good for 10 seconds, then my arms started twanging like rubber bands<yes twanging was the inner sound I heard, then my tummy seized into a permanent clench sending scorching wires of pain to my thighs, they were making their own noise in my head as a 1000 voices screaming, "aaaaaarggggghhhhhh" very loud and much twangier than my arms.  It was 20 seconds in and the sweat was running into my eyes as I tried to focus on my prize in front of me and the slowest moving stop watch I ever saw in my life.  30,35,40!  I had done it, but now 45, 50 as I discovered my arms,tummy and thighs were not unplanking.  With all my determination I managed to disengage my elbows and rolled exhausted onto the floor, gasping I realized I had done a 1:10 plank (way over todays goal)and with all extremities shaking but pleased with my efforts I reached for the prize, only to realize my dog had mistaken them for his treat and helped himself to those lowfat sugar cookies.  No "Yippee skipee" today but tomorrow is only 50 seconds, heck I am already past that might as well keep going.

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