Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Breath - Breathe - In - Out

Breathe - 

Today is about breath 
Yoga takes a cleansing breath to start, a deep inhale in, count to 4, and then exhale count to 4 

Do it again 
After about 10 of these - you start to focus on the breath

Appreciate the senses that awaken from a single breath, the sound of air rushing into through your nose reaches the ear, the taste of clean as the breath reaches the throat, the feeling as a single inhale expands the lungs and starts lifting the diaphragm. The amazing feeling of starting to be buoyant as if the air could lift the body off the ground and defy gravity,lifting us higher and higher.  Holding the weightless feeling for a few seconds before letting go, exhaling the stale and leaving the new.

Spend a few minutes today focusing on breath, notice it, enjoy it, and give thanks for it. 

Breathe - 

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