Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why did this bad thing Happen Today

There was bad news today.  There is never a good time for bad news, ever notice that?  No one ever wants to bear sorrow, feel the pain of a loss in their family.   Whether knowing ahead of time or a shocking end of time,when one who is loved leaves us there is loss to the living and they become the bearers of mourning.

Like snowflakes we are all different but built uniquely strong,humans do not come with directions as to how they are supposed to behave or act when they are mourning a loved one.  Disbelief, wailing, silence,tears that won't end, holes in hearts and wondering how the next day is going to be possible is what happens.

Yet ,the strength of ourselves is truly amazing our inner being recognizes this and puts things on auto pilot when we need it the most allowing one to sleep, eat and continue, the stuff of living, merely functioning on the base level until we can produce a glimmer of something that makes sense to all that is happening around us.

 No medicine or potions, beliefs or prayers will heal the hurt inside today or make things right again tomorrow but it hurts because there was love in your life and along with that love were memories of some very good things that happened along the way, so now is a good time to think of one of those memories that helped to create that love and for a second enjoy that picture.

We can not explain why, it just happens but getting through and going on is the journey for now, keeping love close to the surface for strength.. 

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