Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today I am Planking

Today I started the planking challenge issued by my children, I do believe they might think I may be too old to do this. A good reason to show them I not as creaky as I sound, lol. Let me explain how this works: First here is the professional version : and here is how to do a correct plank: Get down on the floor,on your stomach, put your toes into the floor and your arms bent at elbow under your shoulders, hands pressing into floor. Now do a 1/2 a push up (that is the up part) and stay there for the amount of time indicated on the calendar.
No this is not me, husband couldn't stop laughing and the pictures were all blurry, this is how I look in my head tho. The challenge starts at 20 seconds and works up from there. I would like to tell you that the first 3 seconds were a piece of cake today,by 20 seconds I was quite content to fall on my face and lie there resting longer then I held the pose. I do accept this challenge and there had better be some major changes to me as this is supposed to strengthen my core and work everything. Not quite sure how day number two is going to go but I am very excited to "plank" into it.

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