Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today is My Thanksgiving

Today is my Thank you day, I did celebrate last week our traditional Thanksgiving and certainly was appreciative of all the obvious things I have to be grateful for in my life. Family,friends,food and then we said "good to count all our blessings Amen. It was a wonderful day.

Today I am taking my own advice and this is what I have come up with so far this morning.
I am saying thank you to all experiences that come into my life today and noticing the positive energy I am stirring up.

Thank you:
Friend far away who helped me create a new idea,Husband who started my day with a smile and a hug, for where I live because it is warm and sunny,for someone being committed to give a yoga class on the beach so that I may partake,for the slow car in front of me so that I noticed the dolphins while I was crossing the bridge,for sand sun and the Gulf of Mexico,for hopeful words I can form into a prayer and say into the wind so that they may reach their intended ears,for my little dog that makes me laugh,for our house that gives me a beautiful place to live. So far it is 11:00am and I am feeling pretty good

Reiki has come into my life and that has enabled me to discover marvelous new things via Google and the world of information available from typing just one word. I am using one line from a saying I find to be amazingly inspirational to run my life today, Just for Today I Will give thanks for my many blessing.
Thanks and blessings go naturally in a sentence but it is up to us to discover and realize all that are there.
Try just one day to notice the large and small things that you can whisper thank you to and experience some very positive energy.

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