Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today is Planking Yoga day - Tanks

Alright this is going to be the last blog about planking until I am through the 30 days, then my core will be as strong as an oak and looking good,  I may not be able to bend but strength will be there and  yes I am thankful that I can plank.

During yoga there is something your supposed to do, it is called an intention, a small thought that pulls you back to center and what it is you want to consider today.

Usually I sit for a moment in the truck before class starts (if you don't remember I like to go to "Yoga on the beach"   )  and think of an intention,it is easy to be grateful for something or wanting to let go of something but today I was stuck, there were a swirl of thoughts in my brain but nothing that popped out  

I walked to the beach and spread my cloth on the sand still puzzling and wondering how it would be with no words or phrase to keep me centered during the hour of stretching and breathing.  I sat and inhaled then exhaled and left the intention space empty.  As we progressed into different poses something very unique happened. The space usually filled with "Thank you for my life",  for the special people I know", "love","family""today", etc was a void that I noticed but it was not a bad thing, it was just there.

Then as we started "Sun Pose"and reached for the stars the empty space filled with light, a bright silvery shimmer of light that fit into the place of intention perfectly.  I felt centered and balanced but noticed this light as being different from anything I had ever known. No rockets went off or trumpets sounded it was just a tiny light inside my head that took the place of words for the moment.

It stayed with me for the rest of the class, not growing just shimmering and every time I tried to change it with a thought or put a word there it just didn't happen.  My light stayed with me and I noticed that it felt calming and good.

That's the story today, the light went away after class and I haven't been able to meditate it back to my inner self (yet).  The whole point of this is that we are amazing aren't we? Our selves keep coming up with stuff to keep us balanced and grounded and centered if only we are open to new things.

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